Jason Rambeck (Chief Communicator / Web Technology Consultant / Designer)

As chief communicator around here I am often the face of Think Simply for most of our clients. I’ve also been building websites for over 7 years too, as a web designer.
My biggest passion in business though is customer service. That may sound lame, but I love helping folks solve problems and making sure people have a good experience during the process. Under promise, over deliver is my motto.

On the home front, I am a husband and father to four. We live in a country farm home in the middle of a corn field, where I enjoy mowing vasts amount of grass, watching my kids play, playing guitar and piano and making various household objects disappear using sleight of hand.

I love software too. I use —
Dropbox, Launch Bar, Skitch, Hit List, Typinator, Rescue Time, Photoshop, Coda, CSSEdit, Fluid, Fresh, ScreenFlow, iTunes, OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, Skype, Spirited Away, Hazel, VirtualBox, xScope.

Photo courtesy of Kameron Bayne Photography (copyright)

Katie Rambeck (Director of Social Engagement and New Media)

Katie is here primarily to give the business that much needed feminine touch. She assists Jason in a variety of areas within the company and has the responsibility of overseeing both the Media and Social departments.

Katie has always been a hand-talker so it’s no surprise that she’s spent several years studying American Sign Language and enjoys volunteering as an interpreter when she can. She also spends time in photography, video making, and spoiling her dog, Maverick. Having no tolerence for the cold, she thrives in temperatures over 80 degrees and absolutely approves of the climate laws in Camelot!