Activity Module

One of the most important features of a social network is that page that lets you see what people you know are doing. On Facebook, the first page you see when you login is the News Feed – a list of everything that your friends have done recently.

Activity is a Drupal module for creating a page like that. It lets you see when people sign up, make comments, post content, join groups (with Organic Groups), or become friends (with User Relationships).

Menu and Cobalt

Developing a Drupal site involves jumping back and forth to alot of different pages, and with the default Garland theme, it can get a little old. That’s why the first thing we do when starting a new site is to install the Admin Menu module.

Admin Menu

The Admin Menu module adds a translucent dropdown menu to the top of the page, allowing you to access any admin link with one click.

RefTagger Drupal Module

UPDATE: This module is now available on

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