Human relations 101 in a Web 2.0 world

A little personal interest in your customer goes a long way.

I was on the receiving side of this when I signed up for a trial product the other day. After signing up for a 30 day trial of ZenDesk I shortly received a personalized email from a REAL person. In the email the representative used my name, found my website and commented on it and the services we offer and offered some empathy in regard to the likely problems we are trying to solve with their service.

Hi Jason,
Thanks for checking out Zendesk!
I had a quick glance at your site.

A good Youtube Channel can BE your Marketing

This year I decided to pick magic back up as hobby. In my search for products one store really stuck out and kept coming up to the top in my searches.

Magic Geek has a YouTube Channel that covers a nice demonstration of almost every product they sell. Here are some benefits Magic Geek is gaining by posting their demo videos on YouTube.

Youtube Browsing.

Youtube is highly popular and is the largest bandwidth usage site on the world.

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