Thunderbird Quickmove Extension

I recently installed Stuffit Expander on my Windows machine to open a .sit file from a client, and during the installation it wiped out all of my application settings including all my email settings for Thunderbird (thanks Stuffit, I didn't really have anything else to do that day anyway).

I only use a handful of extensions for Thunderbird but had a heck of a time finding one that I realized I just couldn't do without. The extension is called TB Quickmove and is used for quickly moving emails from your inbox into other folders. I am persevering to implement David Allen's GTD productivity methods and this extension make that effortless.

I simply setup 4 shortcuts for moving my emails to 4 folders.

  1. Archive - for reference only
  2. Todo - actionable items to be done today or tomorrow
  3. Someday - actionable items to be done when I get the chance or it requires someone elses action first
  4. Receipts - I've got to keep all my email receipts handy in the case the KGB... I mean IRS... ever comes knocking on my door.

The idea is to always keep you inbox empty and sort your actionable items from the rest so you can stay sane.

TB Quickmove can be found on Mozilla's Addons page, but only an old version that is not compatible with Thunderbird 2.0.

I finally found TB Quickmove 0.4.3 on an obscure Spanish site, but to help anyone else who might be interested, I'm posting it here for download.

Download TB Quickmove 0.4.3