RefTagger Drupal Module

UPDATE: This module is now available on

Earlier this year, Logos, the Bible software folks came out with a fantastic javascript-based tool called RefTagger that will transform every Bible reference on your site into a link complete with a tooltip showing the full verse referenced. The RefTagger homepage contains great instructions for including their javascript in your site and a dynamic form to configure the tool to your specifications.

Adding RefTagger to a Drupal site is easy enough, but what is easier than dropping in a module and turning it on! That's what Drupal's all about, so I spent a few hours developing a Drupal module for RefTagger that allows all the configuration to be done in the Drupal admin. No need to mess with templates or blocks or any code. Just drop in the module, turn it on, and configure as needed.

Drupal 5.x and 6.x version are provided below. If there is enough interest in the module, we can look at adding this as an official project on Your comments are welcome, and feel free to let us know that you are using it.