Menu and Cobalt

Developing a Drupal site involves jumping back and forth to alot of different pages, and with the default Garland theme, it can get a little old. That’s why the first thing we do when starting a new site is to install the Admin Menu module.

Admin Menu

The Admin Menu module adds a translucent dropdown menu to the top of the page, allowing you to access any admin link with one click. Its only visible to admin users, and even offers some extra links to flush caches and run updates, under the drupal icon.

Cobalt – Quicksilver for Drupal

Another module that helps with getting around your Drupal site is Cobalt. It’s like Launchy or Quicksilver for Drupal. You just press Ctrl+Space, and start typing the name of the page you want to go to. Cobalt brings up the closest match, and you just hit enter to go to the page.

(Cobalt requires either Firefox 3 or Safari, and Google Gears)

These modules really speed things up when developing or administering a Drupal site. You can download them from at these links: