Human relations 101 in a Web 2.0 world

A little personal interest in your customer goes a long way.

I was on the receiving side of this when I signed up for a trial product the other day. After signing up for a 30 day trial of ZenDesk I shortly received a personalized email from a REAL person. In the email the representative used my name, found my website and commented on it and the services we offer and offered some empathy in regard to the likely problems we are trying to solve with their service.

Hi Jason,
Thanks for checking out Zendesk!
I had a quick glance at your site. Cool web services! I’m sure you’re inundated with tons of questions. I think you can effectively manage all these issues with Zendesk.

I use tons of web services for our business and have done many many trials. Unfortunately this type of response is not common (although it is becoming more so especially with startups like ZenDesk and Freshbooks. This small extra personal communication over email pays huge dividends by

  • Make an instant human (personal) connection with the customer.
  • Open the door for further contact.
  • Give a great first impression of what future customer service is going to be like.

Some enterprise services have sales reps that want to call you and sell you. That is way to pushy. A phone call is much more of an invasion of space than an email.

The best thing about all this is that it is dead easy, takes almost no time and costs nothing. By simply planning some automation and using modern tools, a real person can reply with a touch of personalization like this in 30 seconds.

If you took an extra 5 minutes finding your potential clients website and Googling their name to find out their interests how would it affect your first meeting with them.

Loads – not doubt.