How hard can it be to sell bait

Last week I took my family to the lake to go fishing. We stopped by the hut at the dock to see what kind of boats they had to rent and to buy some worms for bait.

There was no one else there but me and the guy manning the place. I asked him about the boats and he rattled off a couple kinds they had without so much as looking me in the eye. He looked like I was bothering him.

So I left. None of the boats where going to work for us and I wasn’t about to buy bait from this guy. There is just no excuse for not making someone feel like they just made your day by talking to you. I don’t care if you are selling bait, boats, or yachts.

My wife asked what happened and I told her the guy didn’t look me in the eye. (She didn’t like it that I left but knew I wasn’t going back.) Luckily the park visitor center had some bait and nice young lady that looked happy to see me.

I keep telling my wife that if this happens again at a drive-up window I’m going to say “Sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you” and drive off and go to another place across the street.

By the way we didn’t catch any fish that day. Not even a bite.