A good Youtube Channel can BE your Marketing

This year I decided to pick magic back up as hobby. In my search for products one store really stuck out and kept coming up to the top in my searches.

Magic Geek has a YouTube Channel that covers a nice demonstration of almost every product they sell. Here are some benefits Magic Geek is gaining by posting their demo videos on YouTube.

Youtube Browsing.

Youtube is highly popular and is the largest bandwidth usage site on the world. People routinely surf videos like they surf channels on TV. Youtube does a very good job of getting you found if someone is looking for your type of content.


You can tell that Magic Geek videos are kept up to date and fresh which makes the channel appealing for subscribers to subscribe to. When users subscribe to your channel they get email updates when new videos are released so are constantly returning to your channel.

Google Juice.

Videos (especially Youtube) are hot on Google search. People love video and Google knows this, so relevant videos relating to search terms rise to the top of Google very quickly. As long as your videos lead people back to your website you are gaining a whole other stream of traffic to your site.

Cross Marketing.

Because Magic Geek embeds their videos into each and every product page – not only do visitors get to visually see a demonstration of the product they are interested in but they have a whole new channel to view other products. You see after a Youtube video is complete it shows thumbnails of relative other videos (usually from the same channel.)

Magic Geek not only positions their videos well but you can tell they put a lot of effort into the quality and consistency of each one and have developed a strong brand that is very unique to them. A sort of fun nostalgic feel that is very inviting.

My guess is that the Magic Geek Youtube effort is by far their biggest source of traffic which judging from their Channel stats is pretty impressive.
Uploads: 683
Total Views: 7,631,156

Good job guys and keep up the good work.