Feeding the Robots - Drupal Camp FV

Fox Valley Drupal Camp presentation.

Here are the slides from my October 5, 2013 session at the Fox Valley Drupal Camp in Aurora Illinois.

Feed the Robots – Optimized for Facebook, Google and more

This is a hands on session showing exactly how to make your Drupal website highly shareable and findable by the Facebooks and Googles of world. Along the way you will learn not only the mechanics of tayloring and creating your site’s meta data but considerations you need to make along the way to make your content highly clickable and sharable.

  • Setting up and planning your site to be a rich resource for the web.
  • Open Graph (Facebook) meta tags
  • Pinterest Optimization & considerations
  • Search Engine Results Page (SERP) curation and Optimization
  • Schema.org

Download the slides