May 2008

Disabling the node page

Note: this post contains code for Drupal 5 - if you're using Drupal 6, you'll have to adapt it to get it to work (this page might be a good place to start).

The default homepage for a new Drupal site is the /node page that lists all content types that are marked to be promoted to the homepage. It's easy enough to change the homepage to a certain node (like a simple page) or a more customized homepage.

Organizing Drupal Modules

When setting up a new Drupal project it’s important to organize your code, especially when working with teams. In Drupal, most or your core code will be in the form of modules. We typically organize our modules into 3 folders:


jQuery Enter to Tab

An intranet web application we've been working on involves a lot of data entry. One feature that helps when typing in a large number of small numbers is being able to use the enter key like the tab key. Instead of tabbing over to the next field on the list, you simply press enter. It's a small difference, but it's easier to reach, people are used to it from Excel, and over enough time, it makes a big difference.