August 2007

PHP Meetup - Drupal Basics

Last night I gave a presentation on the basics of Drupal at the PHP Meetup group in Columbus Ohio. I am attaching my very simple Powerpoint outline to this page and will list here links to some of the modules we discussed during the presentation.

The CCK module (Content Construction Kit) is one of the most popular Drupal modules and allows you to easily create complex content types without the need to do any programming.

Using Launchy to Launch Web Projects

I’ve been using Launchy, a free application launcher, for almost a year now, and cannot rave enough about it’s ability to increase my productivity as a developer. Launchy is a tiny app that runs in the background, ready to launch not only your application, but also documents, media, batch files, help files, websites, file directories and more. You simply type Alt+Space (or Ctl+Space) and up pops a tiny window that allows you to type in the program, file or directory that you want to open. Long gone are the days of using my mouse to browse through the Program directory in the Start menu, or cramming 20 of my most frequently used application in the Quick Launch area on the taskbar.